Fund Overview

Growth Warrior Capital is an early-stage fund with a preference for diverse and female founders, building solutions for a more equitable future.

We invest in AI/ML, Fintech, and Future of Work.

We’re low volume, high conviction.

We believe value creation is just as important as valuation.




Initial check size

We are thesis-driven and sector-focused.

Three key domains anchor our fund thesis. We chose these domains because they underpin the rapidly evolving definition of the workforce:


Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

AI/ML targeting social systemic issues will help identify, analyze and address inequities in every aspect of society, e.g., parity of policing all communities or racial bias training in VR.



Fintech/Insurtech innovation provides access to tools, opportunities and learnings to grow wealth in underserved communities.


Future of Work

Future of Work describes changes in how work will get done over the next decade, influenced by technological, generational and social shifts. Creating opportunities for people across the workforce to be upwardly mobile.

We are partners to our founders, providing Conditioning and Connections on top of Capital, to get you to the next level.

We support our founders with hands-on mentoring to scale at the speed of venture. We use our network to build valuable connections - from future investors, to prospective customers, to critical dev talent. We're not just investors, we're part of your team.

We call it Mentor Capital.